Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Arts & Crafts with Donna

Donna and I have been getting together on Tuesday afternoons for arts and crafts. I promised Donna I would teach her how to knit, but it turns out that with YouTube, she doesn't need me at all. So we have done our knitting separately, but we have done lots of beading together. We spied some adorable little seed bead bracelets at The Bead Bug in Alpharetta, and we decided they would make great Christmas gifts. So last week I showed Donna the basics of stringing--how to attach toggles and use crimp beads--and each of us made a bracelet. Since then, I have made three more, and bought supplies to make even more. And speaking of supplies, I found a great storage solution for all the beads and findings I have been collecting. I had looked for something at the craft shops, but none of the bead organizers seemed adequate and all of them cost more than I wanted to spend. Then I spotted this little hardware organizer at Home Depot. It was perfect--lots of tight little compartments, totally portable, and only $12.97! So I bought two--one for Donna, and one for me. Unfortunately, mine is full already, so I think another trip to Home Depot is in order. In the meantime, I am looking forward to Donna's weekly visit this afternoon. Today I am going to show her how to do wrapped loops--then we can make earrings to match all our pretty bracelets!

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