Friday, June 26, 2009

Rearranging the Dust

It was a long week--and the icing on the cake was 15 piano students in a row on Thursday--but my reward was a 3-day week-end.  And I spent part of it working on what I started last week-end--getting rid of clutter and rearranging what's left in an attempt to make my 1600 square feet of home better accommodate seven people and an in-home business.  

The first step was moving the desk and filing cabinet out of my bedroom and into my piano studio, and replacing them with the table and chairs and craft supplies that I crammed into the studio when my new family moved in.  I wish I had done this months ago.  Now my piano studio looks and feels like the office space it is, and it has been great having my desktop computer right behind my teaching piano.  Last week, I used to to listen to music online with some of my piano students, and to show others how to access my website (www.asberryschoolofmusic) to get to the learning links located there.  Furthermore, I was able to tuck all those random boxes of photos and beads and this and that under my bed, so the bedroom doesn't look messy like the piano studio did, and I am much more likely to actually work on scrapbooking and jewelry in the bedroom--my sanctuary--evenings, after I am finished teaching, while John and I watch something on television or listen to music.  

Here is the office space in my new and improved piano studio.

And, just for fun, here is the stuffed monkey that sits on top of my piano.



eric said...

The monkey is definitely the best part.

Anonymous said...

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