Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

We celebrated Independence Day very quietly. To go to the mall or to stay home and watch the fireworks on television--that was the question!  Joining the crowd won. I meant to pack a picnic supper--but I didn't. So about 4PM, we drove to the Mall of Georgia, parked the car to facilitate a speedy exit, and walked to Taco Mac. There, I indulged in a six-pack of Three Mile Island hot wings. I could eat them EVERY DAY--yum, yum! Next, we walked to the cinema, but decided against a movie because it didn't appear that any of our choices would be out before dusk. So we went to Ruby Tuesday and enjoyed a Sam Adams Seasonal draft--a patriotic choice, don't you think? Finally, the sun started to go down. We walked to the car, spread our blankets on the pavement, snuggled up, and waited. And waited. And WAITED. About 9:45 the fireworks started. All fifteen minutes of them. Oh, well. What we saw was spectacular. It just happened too fast. A metaphor for life. The economy, maybe? But, as my Facebook friend Carmen pointed out, the company and the reason for the celebration couldn't be beat. So I choose gratitude. I didn't think about taking pictures, but another friend, Sherri, said I could use one of hers. Thank you, Sherri! Sweet summertime!

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