Monday, August 3, 2009

Empty Spaces

I have a birthday coming up soon. The big 5-0. I have heard that "50 is the new 40" but I think that's a bunch of hooey. On the other hand, I still feel 19 on the inside.

The past few days have been tough. John has been in and out, moving boxes and furniture out of my house and into his family's apartment, leaving behind a lot of empty space. That's not an altogether bad thing. I have spent the past two or three years feeling positively overwhelmed by STUFF. So I am not going to replace anything that he is taking; rather, I am back to the task of getting rid of everything I don't truly love, everything that doesn't make me happy, happy, happy when I see it.

My new living room furniture arrived on Friday. I love it. All I need is some great pillows and window treatments to make it my own. Thanks to Marcy at Rooms To Go Furniture at Mall of Georgia. If you need new furniture, talk to Marcy!

I moved the old sofa into my student waiting room, the old love seat and the battered coffee table (temporarily) into the garage. I also emptied the large oak bookcase that has stood at the top of the stairs in the living room and moved it into the waiting room. I never intended to put it in the living room; I wanted it in the piano studio/classroom, with its four identical brothers and sisters, but it didn't work out in there, so it ended up in the living room by default. And there it has stood there all this time--eight years!--stuffed full of books and odds and ends of knick-knacks, collecting dust, making it difficult to walk from the top of the stairs into the hallway that leads to the boys' rooms and the upstairs bathroom. But it looks great in the waiting room, and is providing me with a perfect place to store the books I am selling.

I had my carpets cleaned today. Thanks to Mike, the carpet cleaner guy. If you need the phone number for a great carpet cleaner, please ask me! This is actually the second time he has cleaned my carpets--but, of course, I lost track of his phone number. Then, as I was wringing my hands in despair about the fact that my carpet was filthy and I had not earthly idea whom to call, MIKE CALLED ME and asked me if he could be of assistance. I was delighted to say yes! While he was here, I also had him clean the old sofa in the waiting room. It still looks like an old sofa, but it doesn't SMELL like an old sofa any more! HA!

And now, with new furniture and the bookcase gone and clean carpet, it is clear what an eyesore the rickety entertainment center with its bulky television and clutter of electronics and knick-knacks is. The plan is to retire the entertainment center, move the old tube television into Nathan's room, so he can use it with his video game systems (Nathan is redoing his living quarters, too; we replaced his bed with a futon--he has a regular bachelor pad now!) and replace it with y a 32-inch flat panel TV and a small, simple stand.

I still haven't figured out what to do with all the knick-knacks. Some of them are precious; clay figures the boys made when they were small, trinkets picked up on cruises and vacations. I can't bring myself to get rid of them, but I don't want to stuff them into boxes and forget about them. Something will come to me.

What I don't know is what I'm going to do with all the space that John's departure has left in my heart.


Janet said...

I'm sure you're familiar with the childrens' book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".
Jerry and I used to joke that a little project like paiting a room or replacing a piece of furniture turned into a scene from that book?
Not sure what to say about the empty place in your heart, but know that you have a friend if you need me!
Love you, girl!

Pam said...

Yes, yes--that's EXACTLY how it is!! Thanks for your support.