Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Question of Motivation

It's been quite a week here in metro Atlanta, with heavy rain and flooding on Monday and Tuesday, and local schools closed on account of them. Nine people died in the floods, and several friends of mine sustained damage to their property. Also, many of us have succumbed to the flu, including Nathan, who missed two additional days of school as a result. Hopefully by Monday morning, things will be getting back to "normal" for all of us.

I spent some time last week-end organizing my jewelry workspace. I am quite pleased with the results.

All the essentials are there. In the back, from left to right, you can see my beads, my tools, my Ott lamp, and my music. In front, you can see more tools, my phone, and my laptop. Also, you can see my new bulletin board, where I will post ideas. (I have plenty of ideas; they're just not on the bulletin board yet.) And underneath the table, where you can't see, I have a couple of stacks of plastic bins storing more beads and supplies. This is going to function well, I think.

Sunday, I put together some more seed beed bracelets. I have 15 ready to sell now. They range in size from 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches. I even made one for myself.

I worked for most of the afternoon and into the evening. I got lost in what I was doing. It was very therapeutic. But by the time I was finished, my back was killing me. I realized the metal folding chair I had been sitting in just wasn't appropriate for long hours spent hunched over a work table.

So yesterday I went to Office Max and spent $39 on a task chair. I know $39 isn't alot. But, honestly, I found this one to be more comfortable and supportive than others that cost twice as much. I brought the chair home, and while I started dinner, Nathan began the process of putting it together. But he got stuck attempting to attach the spine to the back support. There were two screws involved. He could get one side fastened but not the other. Or vice versa. I gave it a try. Same results. We knew it SHOULD work. But it didn't.

We took a break for dinner. We tried again. Between the two of us, we spent a good hour or more trying to get these *%$# screws in. Nathan suggested I take the chair back. And it seemed like that was going to be my only option. But then a little voice in my head whispered, "If _____ were here," (substitute the name of any man who has ever been a part of my life), "HE would be able to get this job done." I knew it was true. And it really bothered me.

So I asked Nathan to set the kitchen timer for fifteen minutes. And I told him that if I wasn't successful within that time frame, I would return the chair. I put on my reading glasses, went into the bathroom, where the light was better, and appealed to the universe. And within five minutes, I HAD IT! Nathan was astounded. "How did you do that?" he asked. "It was a question of motivation." I replied.

By the time the kitchen timer went off, the entire chair was assembled. This is what it looks like.

This is the part that was so challenging.

I know what you're saying: "That doesn't look so hard!"

Trust me, it was.

I have a relatively quiet week-end planned, so I am hoping to spend at least a few hours beading. I want to finish a couple of old projects, and I have supplies to start a couple of new ones. I also want to practice my wire wrapping skills. I took a class called "Creative Wire Findings" at my favorite local bead shop last week, On the Rocks. These are the shapes we did in class.

SO much fun!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! So, my next class is jewelry, eh?

Jennifer said...

That bracelet is so beautiful!!!! Do you have a place on the internet or in your home that I could look at all of your "for sale" items?

Also, I admire your persistance! I would have given up and called Erick or Lenny to fix it!

As far as normal, I'm beginning to waver on the belief that "normal" will never happen, but I am trying to keep the faith! I can't remember a single "normal" week at the moment. Not a one - I think they still exist, and when I get a normal week, I am going to post it to facebook and let the whole world know it actually happened! LOL! So, if you get a normal week, please let me know, it will strengthen my hope. :)

Pam said...

Jennifer, I am working on an etsy site. When I get it up and running, I will let you know. In the meantime, you are welcome to come over and look at what I have ready to sell. As for my persistence, I didn't have an Erick or a Lenny to call! But I did have something to prove! ;) Finally, you did notice that I put the word "normal" in quotation marks. I am going to consider a week with no natural disaster, personal crisis, or illness "normal." I know better than to hope for a week with no stress. Except maybe the week on the cruise ship. Which reminds me--will you all be on board?

saidfraz said...

Believe me there is no such thing as normal! Great job getting the chair put together. I admire your will power to make it work. You go girl!

Love the jewelry and am looking forward to seeing your Etsy site. I'm not very good at wire wrapping, maybe I need to take a lesson from you.

Congrats on getting the work space set up. It definitely makes it easier to work when you have dedicated space.

Now go have FUN!

Carley said...

A very motivational blog! I loved your persistence in getting the chair together and you won by being persistent--that's the way it becomes with me unless a part is missing I consider it a challenge to be conquered! Persistence usually pays off in the end and makes one feel better!
I would love to be able to make jewelry like that and I loved the pictures of your work site which is exactly what you need with any kind of crafting you're involved with. Moving it from the kitchen table and storing it somewhere else really uses a lot of your valuable time when you could be resuming whatever you've already started when you find a few minutes to work on it again. I hope you do well with selling it as it would give you some extra spending money and since you enjoy doing it that would make it even better for you. Nothing like getting some extra $$'s for something you already like doing anyway. ;-)
Glad all the bad weather & flu has resolved as that will help get you back more to a normal flow even though stressors remain a part of life at the best!
I love you and admire you for your zeal & zest at so many things you do so well!

Cindy said...

I love your jewelery work area -- and am so jealous that you have permanent space to work with your beads. Just the thought of getting out all my stuff in order to spend a couple of hours beading puts me off.
You've made some beautiful pieces --I love my bracelet and the earrings are so cool. I look forward to seeing you Etze site.
Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Pam said...

I do love having this workspace, and I definitely do more jewelry work now that I don't have to drag out the supplies and then put everything away when I'm finished. However, it is in a corner of my bedroom, and it does look messy when I'm in the middle of something (or several things!) But it's worth it!