Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

For the record, there is absolutely NOTHING I want badly enough to stand in line for at the crack of dawn on the day after Thanksgiving.

Well, maybe a Nissan 370Z. Or a Bosendorfer grand piano. But I didn't see any special sale prices on those items anywhere today.

So, I stayed home this morning.

I did a bit of shopping online. To be honest, I don't have a whole lot of shopping to do. I have made my list and checked it twice:

(1) Nathan
(2) Casey
(3) Josh
(4) Mom
(5) Dad
(6) Eric
(7) SeDonna
(8) Cassie (my brother Greg's daughter)
(9) Greg, Jr. (my brother Greg's son)
(10) Cindy & Ron (best friends since Peoria days--and that's a LONG time)
(11) Nathan's music teachers (are you supposed to give gifts to the classroom teachers, too?)

That's it. Some people have a posse of friends and a doting lover to buy gifts for. I don't. And, since I am a planner, most of my shopping is already done.

So, over the course of the day, I sat in my room, cuddling my laptop, with my dog for company, and added an additional 5,012 words to my NaNoWriMo novel. My back is aching and my posterior is numb. But my total word count is now 40,017. 5,000 words tomorrow and 5,000 words on Sunday and I will be finished.

I may not get a Christmas tree decorated. (I really want a fresh cut tree this year. But I can't figure out how to transport a tree to my house. I don't have a luggage rack on my car. And I don't like to impose on people. After all, I am an ASBERRY.) And I may eat nothing but leftovers from Thanksgiving between now and Monday night.

But at midnight on November 30th, I will be able to say that I HAVE WRITTEN A NOVEL.

Granted, it will be the roughest of rough drafts. But it will be finished.

And how many people can honestly say THAT?!?


Sam said...

Hi Pam,

You missed it. I was up at 4:30 am trying to give away Bosendorfer pianos but everyone was already at the mall ;)

Congrats on the home stretch of the novel. I'd rather be a little early than late.

Pam said...

Damn, Sam, I can't believe I missed the Bosendorfer giveaway!

You are the awesomest!!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

You are AWESOME. So very exciting to see how you've accomplished your goal.

And you may be an Asberry, but I'm a Wetzel, and I HAVE A PICKUP TRUCK.

I DEMAND that you call me this week and we'll arrange transport for your fresh tree. ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the writing accomplishment!

- Mary

Debra Becht said...

Very impressive. You are on the count down! Can't wait to see what the next stage of this process is!

Pam said...

Stephanie, thanks! If I am not able to work something else out, I just might give you a call! Although I should have mentioned that Asberrys also don't like it when people boss them around! ;)

Pam said...

Mary and Debbie, thank you both! I had to play taxi this morning and unfortunately came home with a migraine. An Imitrex and a nap later, I am ready to start work for the day. I'm going to write till I drop!

janetburden said...

I have an SUV with a luggage rack and I don't live far away. In addition, I would love the opportunity to visit with you while transporting your tree. I would also love to see what you've done with your house since I last saw it!
SO...CALL ME!!!! We can tackle your tree and then maybe you can help me get my tree home! I always get a real tree!
Love you! Congrats on the book too!

Pam said...

Hi Janet,

Great idea! Expect to hear from me soon! :)