Sunday, November 15, 2009

Five Things That Make Me Smile

If my experiences of the last two weeks are any indication, the life of a writer is not a glamorous one. I have become a slave to my NaNoWriMo daily word count goals; there is little time for anything besides writing, piano teaching, housekeeping, and chores related to meal preparation. I miss my hobbies and opportunities to connect with friends (and make new ones); I spend every possible moment locked in my bedroom, hunched over my laptop, wearing yoga pants and sloppy sweatshirts and wondering how I will find time to take a shower. This, too, shall pass; the month of November is already half over. But I believe I am establishing good writing habits that will serve me well during the weeks and months ahead, and that one day I will look back with the knowledge that the sacrifice was all worthwhile.

But just to prove I DO have a life (stop laughing!), I am going to tell you about few things having absolutely nothing to with writing that have made me smile in the last 48 hours.

(1) My first eggnog latte of the season at Starbucks on Friday. Mm, mm!

(2) The receipt of a large box containing baking supplies from King Arthur Flour. Yes, I have big plans for holiday baking this year. For me, baking is just another word for therapy--especially holiday baking. And I love, love, love getting things in the mail.

(3) The news that one of my students won a cash award in a piano competition yesterday. She worked hard and deserved to win, and it is always a wonderful surprise when people actually get what they deserve. Her reaction when I called her with the good news also made me smile. (Although I am still having a bit of trouble hearing out of my right ear.)

(4) Comments from family and friends in support of my writing. (Oops, there's that "W" word again. Bear with me.) Not only do they make me smile, they make me believe that anything is
possible. And remind me that I am not alone.

(5) This song. I first heard it when I was newly in love a couple of years ago; I thought it totally captured the essence of how I felt. I had forgotten about it until yesterday, when I found a copy of a mix CD I made for the then-object of my affection and discovered the song all over again. I listened to it at least a dozen times yesterday and smiled every time. The video quality here is poor, but you need to listen to the lyrics; such a perfect little song. I wonder if I will ever fall in love again?

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