Monday, March 15, 2010

My Amazing Life List

Some folks call it a "Bucket List." I am calling it "My Amazing Life List." However, I am hoping it won't take the rest of my life to check everything off. I prefer to think of this as my ten-year plan. In 2020, I will make a new list. I have organized by category to make it easier to track each item. Of course, I will keep you posted regarding my progress.

If you want inspiration to create your own list, click here. You will be busy for hours.


1. Spend a summer in France.
2. Spend a week in New York City: see all the sights, attend a Broadway play.
3. Cruise to Alaska.
4. Vacation in Hawaii.
5. Go on a walking tour of Ireland.
6. Vacation in England/Scotland/Wales.
7. Spend a summer in the Mediterranean: Greece, Spain, Italy.
8. See Australia and New Zealand.
9. Go to Africa.
10. See the Grand Canyon.
11. Set foot in all 50 states.
12. See the Great Wall of China.
13. Visit ancient Egypt.
14. Spend a summer driving across the United States, coast to coast, with no itinerary.
15. Go back to Nantucket.
16. Visit Seattle.
17. Visit Los Angeles.
18. Cruise through the Panama Canal.
19. Go on a cruise with my parents, children, and brother and sister-in-law.
20. Go on a cruise with Pat.


21. See the Rockettes Christmas Show in New York City.
22. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
23. Attend the Grammy Awards.
24. Be in the audience of the David Letterman show.
25. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
26. Attend a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.
27. Do the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th.
28. Walk with the Sweet Potato Queens in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Jackson, Mississippi.
29. Attend the Academy Awards.


30. Read all of Jane Austen's novels.
31. Read "War and Peace."


32. Finish, revise and polish my first novel.
33. Find a publisher for my novel.
34. Become a New York Times bestselling author.
35. Sign my book at an autograph session.
36. Have an article published in a magazine.
37. Have 100 followers on my blog.
38. Have 1000 followers on Twitter.


39. Get a tattoo.
40. Get another ear piercing.
41. Brush up on my French and speak it fluently.
42. Speak Spanish conversationally.
43. Learn salsa dancing.


45. Throw myself a fabulous, no-holds-barred birthday party.
46. Bowl a 200+ game.
47. Speak in front of 1000 people.
48. Do a somersault.
49. Fly first class.
50. Ride in a limousine.
51. Have dinner at the Sun Dial Restaurant atop the Peachtree Westin Atlanta.
52. Serve on a jury.
53. Be an extra in a film.


54. Stop biting my fingernails.
55. Weigh 110 pounds.
56. Make a habit of daily healthy eating and exercise.
57. Overcome water phobia and become a strong swimmer.


58. Learn to sail.
59. Go sky diving.
60. Go snow skiing.
61. Zip line through a canopy.
62. Swim with a dolphin.


63. Meet Oprah.
64. Meet Elizabeth Berg.
65. Meet Anne Lamott.
66. Meet Sark.
67. Meet Meryl Streep.
68. Meet Matthew Bellamy.
69. Have dinner with Jamie Oliver.


70. Get rid of everything I don't absolutely need or love.
71. Own a house on the beach (might be on a lake, might be on the ocean--doesn't matter as long as it's someplace warm).
72. Make it my dream home.
73. Establish an herb garden.
74. Plant an Eastern red cedar tree.
75. Keep chickens.
76. Get a kitten and name it Panzer.


77. Master Chopin's Scherzo in B-Flat Minor.
78. Master Mozart's Concerto, K. 466, and perform it with an orchestra.
79. Learn how to play the hammered dulcimer.
80. Learn how to play the mandolin.
81. Write a song (piano and lyrics).
82. Sing in a Messiah singalong.
83. Sing karaoke in public.
84. Learn to improvise jazz and play with a jazz band.


85. Own a grand piano.
86. Own a sexy sports car.


87. Crochet a granny square afghan.
88. Knit a pair of socks.
89. Knit a sweater.
90. Make a scrapbook photo album for each of my children.
91. Make a scrapbook album "Book of Me."
92. Organize my loose recipes/compile a family cookbook.
93. Make soap.
94. Make divinity.
95. Own a bakery.


96. Write a will.
97. Pay off my credit cards.
98. Achieve financial peace.


99. Fall madly in love with Mr. Right.
100. Have the wedding of my dreams.


eric said...

Good list, but I think "Visiting ancient Egypt" may be problematic, unless you add "build a time machine". ;)

(Yes, I know what you meant, but I can't help myself)

Pam said...

You are absolutely right. #101 is "build a time machine." Thanks for keeping me straight. :-)

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Love this! When you meet Oprah, will you tell her I said hi?

Also, if you find a Messiah singalong next Christmas, tell me and I might join you! I've sung in productions lots of times!

Pam said...

Steph, I will be sure to give Oprah your regards. And, yes, let's DEFINITELY do a Messiah singalong together next Christmas. I need to pull out my music and start practicing!

Debra Becht said...

I am worn out just reading this list! This would be a 30 year plan for me at a minimum so can you buzz me so I can tag along on a few of them? I am all over the summer trip, Egypt and I could use another Broadway play in NYC. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BIG APPLE. Can't get enough of it. You have some very admirable and interesting items on the list. Once again, the creative child within manifests itself in grown upways Ms. Pam.

Pam said...

Debbie, I am totally up for an adventure with you. We could be like Oprah and Gayle, tootling across the United States in my Honda. On the road again...

Anonymous said...

i surely adore your writing choice, very remarkable.
don't quit and also keep writing mainly because it just very well worth to read it,
impatient to browse more and more of your stories, have a good one :)

Pam said...

Anonymous, I am glad you find my blog worthwhile. You keep reading and I'll keep writing!

Cheryl said...

Make certain that the guy in number 99 is wealthy then you all can do a lot of the list together. Remember what my mom told me (before I met Eric) - it is just as easy to fall in love with a guy with some money and ambition as it is to fall in love with a poor, lazy guy. However, it is much easier to live with the guy with money and ambition then with the poor, lazy guy. She was right.

Pam said...

Cheryl, my mom told me the same thing. And, based on my recent experience falling in love with a poor, lazy guy, I will admit that I am open to the alternative! ;-)

Anonymous said...

PAM, I better not be the poor, lazy, guy. I may not be rich but my Moonie friends are now!

And lazy? changing all those channels isn't easy. Try it drunk with a sore wrist sometime.

Pam Asberry said...

Anonymous, I do believe you might be the poor, lazy guy. Having rich friends (regardless of their religious orientation) does not make you a success. And it doesn't appear that your sense of humor has improved any, either. Still, I wish you all the best!

Denise said...

Dude, you've done a bunch of this need to start crossing things off the list.

Pam Asberry said...

It's funny you should mention that, Denise; I actually revisited this list recently, crossed off the things I have done and a few more that are no longer important to me, and added some. I am taking your note as a sign from the Universe that it's time to blog about it! Thanks for the nudge!