Sunday, March 28, 2010

Of Lists and Men

You already know that I knocked Item #40 off my Amazing Life List. But it looks like I will be able to check off at least a dozen more items before this year is over. The simple act of creating the list brought these goals to the front of my mind, where they need to be if I am going to make plans to bring them to fruition.

For example, Nathan and I are going on a Caribbean cruise in June, and it just so happens that there are shore excursions at a couple of the ports of call which will allow me to swim with a dolphin and zip line through a canopy. If not for my list, I probably would have contented myself with lazy afternoons on the beach and ignored the other options.

Not only that, but other people are coming forward to help make my dreams come true. A friend who is also interested in reading Jane Austen's works suggested that we start our own Jane Austen Book Club. I think it's a great idea; we will have our first meeting in June. (If you would like to participate, let me know!)

There are a couple of items that REQUIRE outside assistance. If you aren't already a follower of this blog, please click HERE. And if you would like to follow me on Twitter, click HERE. Thank you in advance!

I acknowledge there are a few things on there that seem downright impractical. Plant a tree? A trip to the nursery, some time with a shovel, and it's done. Spend a summer in France? Not so easy. But I have decided not to limit my goals to what seems possible. I am going to keep the intention out there, and expect the unexpected.

As a matter of fact, the only items that really have me concerned are numbers 99 and 100, especially in light of recent experiences. Bachelor #1, who was never assigned a pseudonym, was forced by another love interest to choose between her and me; since I wasn't ready to be exclusive and she was, he chose her. "Jerry" and I had our third date two weeks ago - dinner, live music, dancing - and it was a blast, almost euphoric. Heavy texting and phone conversations ensued; a couple of days later we made tentative plans to see each other this past weekend, and then remained in close contact until Wednesday, when communication ceased. I determined he must have disappeared from the face of the planet - but then I got a text message from him on Friday mentioning absolutely nothing about the weekend, and I haven't heard from him since. I'm still confused and a hurt over that one. Finally, although we got along well and enjoyed each other's company, Jacob and I parted ways over theological differences. It was hard, but we knew it would only get harder.

It appears that Bill is winning the dating game by default. And he seems like one of the good ones. But is he Mr. Right? Only time will tell.

Have any of you started your Amazing Life Lists? Any unique items you would like to share?


JoshG400 said...

I wanna go on the cruise :(

Pam said...

Sorry, dude. You gotta get a job!