Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have spent the past couple of weeks dealing with one of those life-altering scares that smacks us mortals up the side of the head every now and then. It started with some abnormal postmenopausal bleeding (apologies to my male readers and their delicate sensibilities) and ended with outpatient surgery at Gwinnett Medical Center last Friday. The good news is that my doctor didn't find anything unusual during the procedure, and fully expects the biopsy to come back negative. I will know for sure later this week.

All those involved in the process were wonderful: Dr. Kim, my nurse practitioner Kristy and the rest of the staff at Maternal Gynerations in Lawrenceville, and absolutely everyone who worked with me at Gwinnett Medical Center. And then there was my sister-in-law, SeDonna, who took Friday off work and drove me to the hospital for my 6:15AM appointment, brought me home afterwards, and stayed with me until Nathan got home from school in the afternoon. For them, and for the results, I am very thankful.

I was so crazy busy during the two weeks leading up to the big event that I almost didn't have time to worry. The details are boring. But most days I got up early and stayed up late and behaved like the rabid cousin of the Energizer bunny. Unfortunately, I have very little to show for all this effort. I wrote little, I read less, I did nothing creative. I forgot to eat; I gained weight anyway. If I think about it a certain way, it makes me downright depressed. But I did what needed to be done, and it really isn't fair to beat myself up for that.

Then on Sunday, when I was supposed to be taking it easy, recovering from surgery, I decided it was more important to pay some attention to my sorely neglected home. So I bolted out of bed and washed curtains and sheets and did mounds of laundry and vacuumed and dusted and swept and mopped and scrubbed bathrooms. About six o'clock, exhaustion swept over me like an ocean wave. I made popcorn and tried watching a movie with Nathan, but I fell asleep before it was over, and slept for ten hours. Despite this, it was hard to get up yesterday morning. This morning, too.

I am trying to pace myself a little bit better now. As a matter of fact, my prognosis has left me feeling inspired to take better care of myself in general: to eat healthy, exercise daily, and get back in the habit of writing.

I have lots more to share. One day at a time.


Carley said...

Sometimes experience is the best, but certainly the hardest taskmaster of all. I'm so glad you heeded your body's warning after overdoing the one day and didn't repeat it. The body is similiar to a well-made machine and operates very well until it is over taxed and not maintained. Then it rebels & frustrates the owner with not performing any more. We humans are God made and were designed even better--in fact to last forever-- with constant regenerative capability until sin overtook & God did a re-call since we had become defective and we lost that eternal regenerative ability which now wanes away more & more as we age. So-o-o the lesson here is preserve your energy when you're sick & give your body the rest it needs to rejuvenate & repair itself as we want you around for a long time. There's no work or chore that won't wait until you're physically ready to tackle it. Enough lecturing today and I do really enjoy reading your blogs. You have such zeal & zest for life & I know it's difficult for you to put yourself in idle gear for long, but it will pay off in the long run. I love you & am definitely in your circle of admirers!

 Casey Geyer said...

the post w/ the most

Pam said...

Thanks, Mom! It is great to have you for a fan! :-)

Pam said...

Wow, Casey! :-)

Debra Becht said...

Hello Ms. Pam. Your writing never ceases to enlighten and entertain. Thank you so much for sharing such big pieces of such a little girl. I hope you are feeling much better. Based on the parts of the story that you shared, I do believe that you are following in my footsteps about 10 months later. My procedure led to surgery just a few weeks later. I am so happy that is done! After 2 rounds of breast cance, I really didn't want to have the anxiety of waiting for it to show up again elsewhere. After a relaxing summer and a few weeks of kicked up hot flashing, life is good.

Thanks so much for that award you shared as well. I am well overdue to blog myself. My schedule has barely allowed time for breathing this first of this year but I have this week off and plan to have couple days of relaxation.

Don't over due it girl! Dust will just replace itself anway. May as well stop fighting it. Take care for now. I love you!

Pam said...


Wow, I had no idea you were dealing with all that. I am glad that all is well now. I am trying to pace myself better, but that isn't easy for me. But I like that sentence, "Dust will just replace itself; might as well stop fighting it." I think I'm going to post that on my refrigerator! ;-)