Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Writer, Rejected

Yesterday was a tough one. I got my first rejection letter.

And my second.

The first was from the agent I pitched to at the M&M Conference in October. She said,

"Unfortunately I was not as caught up in the story and characters as I had hoped."

The second was from the agent I pitched to at the GRW meeting in November. She said,

"Although your idea is heartwarming and intriguing, I'm afraid I just couldn't quite connect with Tessa."

She might as well have stabbed me in the heart.

Both suggested that another agent might feel totally different about my story; one said "it could be perfect for someone else" and the other wished me "tremendous luck in finding the ideal advocate" for my work.

But I wanted HER to be the advocate for my work.

I shed a few tears, I shared the news with my kids, then I announced my failure on Facebook. To my delight, I received an outpouring of support and encouragement from my friends there, many of whom are also writers. As a result of their responses, I decided to celebrate my rejections. I went out to dinner with a friend, drank a couple of glasses of wine, and came home and ate a very large brownie for dessert. Then I went to bed early and slept the clock around.

I woke up ready to revise, to make my story and characters more interesting, to make Tessa more accessible. Unfortunately, I am so busy with last-minute holiday preparations that I wasn't able to touch my manuscript today. But I will get back to work next week. And I intend to have my novel finished and polished and ready to send out to anyone and everyone by the end of January.

Because 2011 is going to be MY YEAR.

My critique partners and I have vowed: 2011 is the year we are going to GET PUBLISHED.

You heard it here first!


Bryonna Nobles said...

That's the spirit Pam! I say "Yea! You were rejected!" Sure, it sucks to be rejected but you're that much closer to saying yes. Always remember, you just keep going and someone has to say yes eventually. ;) Getting your foot through the door is a hard thing to do and having someone reject you is also difficult but just remember this: You finished a book. That's amazing. You got rejected. Sucks but also great at the same time because it means you're ready! You're getting it out there. Now go get more rejections until someone says Yes!!

Pam said...

Bryonna, thank you for your encouragement. "Just keep going and someone has to say yes eventually" - that's going to be my mantra for 2011. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I know it stings when you get rejected but it's a badge of honor. It's part of the writer's journey. Wear it proudly and keep going. You can do it!

Pam said...

Thanks, Celestial; that's a great way to look at it. Now that Christmas weekend is over, it's back to writing for me!

Pam said...


I'll tell you this as well: Another encouraging thing to do is think back to the worst book you've ever read. We all have one. Keep that book somewhere you can see it and when you feel discouraged or think "This is shit" look over at that book and say "Hey, if they can get published, *I* can get published."

Hey Bryonna,
For some reason, I get an error message from Blogger everytime I try to publish your comment above, so I am going to post it this way. That is a GREAT idea; I am going to follow your advice! :-)

Julee Johnson-Tate said...

BTW, Laura Resnick, romance (Laura Leone for Silhouette) and SF author said many a writing career was started with the thunk of a crappy book against the wall.

Pam said...

Julee, I love it! I'm going to have to remember that!