Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Snowing!

Here in metro Atlanta, snowfall is an event. At the mere mention of the words "winter storm," we mob the grocery stores and clear the shelves of bread, milk, wine and chocolate; we make chili and Brunswick stew, anticipate school and workplace closings, and pray that we won't lose power.

Here at my house, the snow started shortly after nine o'clock tonight. Here are my first pictures.

My "laying out" chair and iced beverage table. Brr!

Casey's car is under there somewhere...

The view from my front porch.

I would rather be on a cruise ship in the sunny Caribbean. Since I'm not, I'm going to make the best of the situation. I plan to spend tomorrow writing and beading and baking chocolate chip cookies. Heck, I might even throw a snowball or two.

Happy Snow Day, Atlanta!


Pamela Mason said...

Wings strapped on his snowboard first thing this a.m. & slid down the hill; Fins did a faceplant on his skis. Both of them had a lot of fun -- sorry I didn't get pix though!
Hey!!! Idea! Make an item called Snow Beads!! or Snow Angels!!

Pam said...

Great idea, Pamela! The Christmas Angel Earrings are now called Snow Angel Earrings! I have some snowflake charms, too; maybe I'll make some snowflake earrings today. As soon as I finish my word count for the day, I'm going to start beading!