Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January brings the snow...

The days are starting to run together now. Let's see.. today I started our laundry, baked a German chocolate cake, added 500 words to my novel, and did some beading - a pair of snowflake earrings and a pink crystal and white pearl bracelet and matching earrings for Valentine's Day. I still haven't taken any pictures, but the mail carrier actually made it through the neighborhood today, so now that I know I could actually ship an order if I got one, I am motivated to start adding some of these new items to my Etsy site.

I also took down my Christmas decorations. I know most of you did that days ago, but my stuff went up late and I wasn't ready to put it away New Year's weekend. Besides, I was busy writing my goals for 2011. Anyway, everything is packed away now and the house looks somewhat desolate. However, I spread my snowflake cloth on the dining room table

and scattered my small snowman collection about

so it still feels a little bit festive around here, especially with the white stuff outside and having a rerun of "winter break."

Gwinnett County schools are closed again tomorrow, but it will be business as usual at Georgia Gwinnett College, so Casey and Nathan did their best to clear the driveway so Casey could back his car out and park it on the street. It took several tries, but he finally managed. I will be worried about him out on the roads in the morning; I understand they are still quite icy and treacherous, although I haven't set foot outside since Sunday evening. I am not very sure-footed on the slick stuff and, as Casey often points out, at my age I have to be careful, as I wouldn't want to fall and break a hip. Kids.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to Snow Day 4. I hope you all are keeping safe and warm!

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