Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lockdown, Day 4

It's hard to believe, but Gwinnett County Schools will be closed again tomorrow, and Georgia Gwinnett College cancelled classes today, after all, and they will remain closed through Saturday.

The situation on the roads has improved, for sure, but once you get off the main thoroughfares, there is still plenty of ice to contend with. Not that I know from firsthand experience, but it's all over the local news. Temperatures are supposed to climb well above freezing tomorrow afternoon, though, and I am determined to venture out. I need to deposit a couple of checks at the bank, and I need a few supplies from the bead store. Maybe some milk and bread, too.

Mostly, I need a change of scene. Because today lethargy set in. I'm not sure where the day went; it just melted away (pun intended). I finished the laundry, I watched a movie - "Calendar Girls," have you seen it? - I made Hoppin' John, I added a few inches to Casey's scarf, I gave Nathan a piano lesson. But I also spent quite a few hours surfing the 'net, reading blogs and looking at knitting patterns (?), and paging through magazines and books, searching for inspiration for my jewelry designs. It was the best I could do to get outside of these four walls; my head is swimming with new ideas, so arguably it wasn't a bad use of a snow day.

Still, I felt guilty about my lack of productivity. And it got me thinking about one of the questions I started asking myself on the very first day of this new year: What am I willing to STOP DOING to make this year a success?

This is what I have came up with so far:

(1) I am willing to stop spending so much time online. Every morning, I will set my iPhone timer for 30 minutes, and when it sounds, I will sign out of Safari. Period. I need those remaining daytime hours before I start teaching to do my writing and jewelry making and exercise. I will have a similar 30-minute online session every evening, after which I will spend time with my boys and relax with television, knitting and reading.

(2) I am willing to stop drinking caffeinated beverages after noon. I love my coffee, but I am a certified insomniac, so it doesn't make sense for me to drink two or three pots of joe every day, finishing the last one after dinner, sometimes at eight or nine o'clock at night. In the future, I will satisfy myself with one pot of French press to start the day, and then switch to decaf or herbal tea. With the schedule I keep, I need to get plenty of rest in order to stay healthy and be productive. Avoiding caffeine, along with a better evening routine, should help with that.

(3) I am willing to stop saying yes to time commitments that are no longer working for me. Just because I've always done something is no reason to continue doing it. My choice of activities must change to reflect a shift in priorities; I must learn to say no sometimes, even when it means someone else will be disappointed by that decision.

I'm sure I'll come up with more. But that's a good start, don'tcha think?

Tomorrow, I'll post my Hoppin' John recipe.


Sherri said...

It sounds to me like this period of isolation has been quite productive. I love your list but I'm not sure I could follow it!

Pam said...

I'm not sure I can, either! But I'm gonna try...

unstoppablestart said...

Pam - That sounds like a mighty fine start to this New Year. I especially like the part about giving up a little of your java so you can get some sleep. So excited to have you in my life. Can't wait until we compare notes this time next year. Love much. Lindy

Pam said...

Lindy, sometimes the most simplest solutions are the hardest to achieve. I am thankful for your friendship. I am looking forward to many good times and all good things in the months ahead!