Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photo Studio In-A-Box

One of my piano students gave me an American Express gift card for Christmas; I used it to buy myself a piece of equipment to support my budding jewelry design business. The Portable Photo Studio from ThinkGeek (click HERE) claims it will "make the difference between sold and unsold on eBay." I assume that applies to Etsy, too; it remains to be seen whether or not that is true. But I can already tell that this nifty set-up is is going to help me and my little Samsung T220 take much better pictures of my pieces.

Today I added a Red Leather Freshwater Pearl Bracelet to online store, The Wishing Box at Etsy (click HERE). To photograph this item, I tried every possibility: indoors, outdoors, with flash, without flash, auto focus, macro focus. This was the best shot I was able to come up with.


Then my Photo Studio In-A-Box arrived.

The grand opening.

Monkey breath included.


Assembly of the pop-up soft lighting box, lights, and camera stand was a snap.

The entire set-up fits atop my dining room table.

Following the directions that came with the photo studio, I turned on the light sources, set my camera to macro, and used no flash. Here are my first-attempt results.


What a difference! Everything is in sharp focus, and there are no crazy shadows. I love it!

The whole shebang breaks down just as easily as it sets up and is fully portable in a compact canvas bag. Cool, right?

And now, before I go, I want to remind you that I will be blogging at The Wishing Box (click HERE) about some aspect of my jewelry design business every Tuesday. I hope you will check it out!


Carley said...

Fantastic--I am impressed! Just shows being in the "monkey business" (ThinkGeek) is no monkeying around.
Eric is always happy with what I have purchased for him off his Geek wish lists there. I think this will be a true asset for you in showing your jewelry on Etsy. Congrats on your smart purchase.

Pam said...

Isn't it amazing? Nathan actually discovered this and shared the link with me. I am so glad he did! Except now I have to re-photograph everything in my Etsy store - 49 pieces and counting!

SAIDFRAZ said...

wow! What a difference it makes. Love the bracelet too!

Pam said...

Thanks, Sherri! I love this bracelet, too; I think I'm gonna have to make one for myself! ;-)