Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Two

The temperature climbed slightly above freezing today, so the snow melted a bit - just enough to insure an even thicker layer of ice on top of everything when the arctic front descends on us in the wee hours tonight. Consequently, both my boys' schools will be closed again tomorrow, and I won't be teaching piano lessons, either, except via Skype to my students in Kansas City tomorrow evening.

Thank goodness we have power to operate the internet, the television, and the video game systems, and that we are well stocked on groceries and craft supplies.

Today I used up all the leather cord I bought over the weekend. I made four necklaces - although I'm not quite happy with one of them, and may take it apart and start over - and three bracelets.

I also did some knitting. I finished a scarf I started ages ago.

And I started a scarf for Casey.

I thought I might list the blue scarf on Etsy - along with the new leather pieces I made today - but I can't find the yarn wrappers and can't remember the fiber content, so I might just keep it for myself. I have enough yarn leftover to make a matching hat, so I think I will. I love knitting in the round; it makes me feel very clever.

Finally, I added 538 words to my novel, for a total of 5,452 words so far this year.

Cabin fever? Not me. I love these lazy, crazy, hazy days of... winter.


Anonymous said...

Digging that scarf.

Pam said...

Hopefully it will be finished in time for the next snowstorm!