Saturday, February 26, 2011

Come one, come all!

These are turbulent times in the publishing industry. In order to succeed as a writer, it isn't enough to write a great book. Even landing an agent provides no guarantee.

Kristen Lamb posted a guest blog on Bob Mayer's site recently; in it, she discusses the importance of building a platform. If you are an author seeking publication of any flavor - traditional, e-publishing, self-publishing - you must read this article.




(Just following Ms. Lamb's instructions.)

And in the interest of building my platform, I am blogging today with two requests.
  1. If you enjoy reading this blog and are not yet a follower, please consider becoming one. All you have to do is click "Follow" on the sidebar to the right and follow the directions. Then leave a comment below this post with your email address so I will know how to get in touch with you.
  2. I just set up an author fan page on Facebook; click HERE to "Like" my page. I need twenty-five likes in order to receive a username on Facebook.
The strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it. Whether he has an abscess on his knee or in his soul.
~Rona Barrett

Anyone who becomes a new follower or "Likes" my Facebook page will be entered in a drawing to win an autographed copy of Missy Teppens' His Forever Love. Do both and you will have two chances to win; if you are already a follower of this blog and you "Like" my Facebook page, you will also receive two chances.

The contest starts immediately and ends at midnight on Saturday, March 5, 2011. Thank you in advance, my faithful readers, for your support!


Julee said...

Wwwhhhhoooootttt!!! There you go!
I'm right behind you, sistah, I just created my g-mail address under my name and under my pseudonym. I was careful to choose a name easy to sign that didn't have anyone else on FB. I'll set up a blog in the next week.
We can do this! There is progress!Best of luck to us both!

Pam said...

Thanks, Julee! I feel the momentum. So you are starting a blog; I am looking forward to that! There is so much to do building this career that it is almost overwhelming. So I am trying not to think too far ahead; I just keep adding tasks to my to-do list, and checking things off as I can. Yes! - best of luck to us both!