Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer

The Georgia Romance Writers met this morning. I am fairly certain that I would have given up my dream of being a published author long ago if not for this amazing group. I have learned so much at monthly meetings, critique workshops, and the Moonlight & Magnolias Conference, and I have met many wonderful writers, including my critique partners and the Petit Fours & Hot Tamales bloggers, all of whom have become cherished friends in addition to being respected colleagues.

Today's speaker was local author Tanya Michaels who shared her insights on finding, honing and protecting your "voice." What a thought-provoking talk it was! I was struck by how much a writer's unique voice resembles a composer's musical style. For example, even if I am not acquainted with a particular work of classical music, I can usually identify the composer simply from the way the music sounds; Tanya believes it is the same with great writing. I sincerely hope that, through my efforts on this blog as well as working on my novel, I am finding my voice as a writer.

After the meeting, there was a book signing. Tanya signed my copy of His Valentine Surprise.

Oh, how I wish my eyes were open in this picture!

I also bought a copy of Leslie Tentler's new romantic suspense novel, Midnight Caller, and got it signed.

The eyes are a little better here.

* * *

Then, as if the day hadn't already been rewarding enough, my critique partners and I went out to lunch to celebrate Pamela's birthday tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Pamela!
The necklace was my gift to her. I made it myself.

After a grilled reuben sandwich, fries, and a lovely draft beer at the Brick Store Pub on the square in Decatur, we wandered down to Jazmin for pedicures.

It was 70 degrees here today, definitely flip flop weather. Now my feet are ready.

* * *
Ahhh. Another day in the life of a romance writer. Except it occurs to me that I haven't actually done any writing yet. Oops! Guess it's time to sign off and get my five hundred words finished.

"I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die."
~Isaac Asimov


Nicki Salcedo said...

Love this!

Lindy said...

You're amazing! And, even with your eyes look beautiful!

Pam said...

Thanks, Nicki! You were great yesterday. Hope you feel better soon.

Pam said...

Lindy, you LIE. ;-) But thank you anyway. :-)

leslie tentler said...

Pam, your eyes look fine in our photo - I however am looking a bit like a crazed serial killer. *note the maniacal, glassy eyes*

Pam said...

LOL, Leslie! Spoken like a true romantic suspense writer. Being the sweet romance author that I am, it didn't even occur to me to be afraid. ;-) It was GREAT meeting you! I can't wait to dig into my new book!

Julee said...

Sounds like a great day! BTW, I got to see the late, great Asimov at a convention twenty years ago and got an autographed book from him. Love it that you get to meet and learn from successes! And that the weather is great. Take care, J

Pam said...

Julee, I am totally impressed that you got to meet Isaac Asimov. What was he like? Yes, I am very fortunate to be a part of such a great chapter of RWA; the members of GRW are not just successful, they are also warm and welcoming and generous. After such a great meeting yesterday, I am feeling like a new person. The warmer temperatures don't hurt, either! :-)