Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Story Short

Weekend update...
  1. My novel remains unfinished. I added several thousand words to my word count over the past couple of days, but I'm still not quite there. There will be no more opportunity for any marathon sessions for a long time - the next few weekends are already over scheduled - so I am upping my daily goal to 1000 words/day. That puts me about two weeks from completion; wish me luck!
  2. I participated in my first-ever craft link party. Click HERE. I am #34.
  3. I went to the gym. Twice.
  4. I ran some errands; I picked up a new toner cartridge (why are they so expensive?) so I can print a hard copy of my novel when I am ready to begin revision and I bought a new straightening iron to help maintain my fabulous new hairdo. I haven't been able to make it look as good as Jody did; maybe the new gadget will help.
  5. I watched the Super Bowl - sort of. I kept track of the score while I cleared my beading space and dealt with the piles of clothing that had accumulated in my bedroom/bathroom/closet. Go, Packers! Go, Steelers! I enjoyed the half-time show, although as a classically trained pianist, I probably shouldn't admit that. The vocals were less than spectacular, but I thought the performance overall was amazing. And Fergie looks fantastic. No jiggles anywhere. I wonder how much time she spends at the gym?
And that's that. The weekend is gone, and I'm not really sure where it went. Weekends kind of remind me of a three-day cruise I went on a few years ago; I barely had time to decompress, and then it was over. But I have much to look forward to in the days ahead. Onward.


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