Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Club, Anyone?

My Jane Austen Book Club is more than just a book club. We now refer to ourselves as The Jane Austen Book, Food and Film Club, because food and film have become integral components of our gatherings. We even have our own t-shirts (see left) illustrated by Theresa and designed and printed by Denise at Conflict Studio Screen Printing.

Our schedule looks something like this. On the designated Friday, we begin at Denise's house with a discussion of our weighty tome (ha!) over snacks or lunch. Last week's menu included Italian grilled cheese sandwiches, two varieties of quiche, a kale salad, and chocolate covered nuts and pretzels. Then, following a short break, we reconvene at Jennifer's house for dinner, adult beverages, and a movie or two based on the book we just finished. Theresa does most of the cooking for the evening meal. Last Friday, we had salad, tortellini with chicken marinara sauce, rolls and cake - a beautiful white cake filled with buttercream frosting and violet jelly decorated with candied violets - in honor of Denise's recent birthday. Click HERE for the recipes and instructions. Thanks Denise, Jennifer, and Theresa!

But I want more! So, inspired by my fellow blogger Laurie Perry, I am starting an online book club. I propose that we select a book, read it at our leisure, and set a meeting date to post our thoughts about what we have discovered. Snacks and adult beverages are optional.

But what shall we read? Click here to take survey before midnight Saturday, April 2nd to register a vote for the title of your choice. I recognize that this is a diverse list, but these are all books in my to-be-read pile and I need help deciding which one to start with! Majority rules. I will announce the poll results on Monday, April 4th; then we will meet on Friday, May 13th to for our online discussion.

I am super excited about this! Come one, come all!


Melissa Marsh said...

Wow. That sounds like the ULTIMATE book club! I so wish I could do something like that in my town. I suppose maybe I could... :-)

I'm moving from an apartment to a house right now, so I haven't even had time (or the inclination) to read. That changed yesterday and thankfully, I work right across the street from the library, so I hopped over and picked up some books!

Pam Asberry said...

Hi Melissa! It all started with my Amazing Life List; one of the 100 things I came up with was "read Jane Austen's novels." Jennifer suggested we start a book club, Theresa and Denise volunteered to join in, and the rest is history! In the beginning, we were truly a book study group; we met at Denise's house and discussed the book we had just read. But then someone suggested watching the movie version to compare, and now that has become a tradition. Good luck with your move; maybe by the middle of April the dust will have settled and you can join in the virtual book group here! Thank you for stopping by today!

Cat said...

I'm starving now! There's nothing better than a book club. Your virtual one sounds fabulous. All your books are on my list too. I'll vote and if I can squeeze it in, I would love to chat books :). Cat

Pam Asberry said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cat! I would love to have you join in my virtual book club! :-)