Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Breathe

A place of peace
Long story short: Tuesday I was diagnosed with "asthmatic bronchitis," and it was a wake-up call for me. I was in denial about the whole asthma thing until then. But from this moment forward, I will take my preventive medication as prescribed, drink plenty of fluids every day, and get adequate rest every night. Because I don't want to end up sick as I was ever again.

You heard it here first.

And now that I have regained the ability to inhale deeply, I am going to return to my daily practice of sitting quietly for ten minutes first thing every morning and focusing on my breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth - slowly, slowly. Eyes wide open, thinking sublimated to counting the breaths: one, two, three, four, then start again.

Why is it so hard to break bad habits and so easy to lose good ones?


Tomorrow I begin my spring break, ten days without the time constraints imposed by my piano teaching schedule. I will miss my students, but I have big plans for those ten days. I need to work on my income taxes, tackle some home improvements, do some spring cleaning. But my priorities are breathing and writing. Everything else will follow.


Don't forget, you have until midnight Saturday to cast your vote for your online book club selection. Just click HERE. We're going to have some good old-fashioned fun - right here on the internet!


Melissa Marsh said...

I remember when I woke up from surgery (I had a cyst on my ovary that burst and they had to do emergency surgery on me to remove it) and I couldn't breathe well. They said it was a side effect from the anesthesia, but it scared me SO BADLY. Not being able to breathe and inhale deeply is terrifying to me, so I have an inkling of what you must have experienced.

I hope you feel better and I wish you much luck on establishing good habits! They are hard, aren't they? If I had to establish a habit to eat my Dove Dark chocolate every day, I would have a 100% positive outcome!

Pam Asberry said...

Hi Melissa,
It really is a frightening situation. I carry an inhaler with me now in case of emergency. It is very comforting! Like Dove dark chocolate! :-)
Thanks for your good wishes!