Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writers, Writers Everywhere

It seems like everybody I know is writing a novel. But I suppose that is to be expected when one's social life revolves around meetings with critique partners and book club pals and Georgia Romance Writers.

What is surprising is how many of my friends from the past are also writing books. I blogged about reconnecting with Peggy last November. I hadn't had any contact with her since sixth grade, and it was amazing how many things we still have in common. Our lives revolve around our families and our jobs; in our free time, we are both working on novels. She beads, too.

After graduating from high school, Julee and I kept in touch only sporadically, exchanging a few letters and Christmas cards. Now that we are friends on Facebook, that has all changed; we communicate almost daily. Turns out she has been a long-time member of Romance Writers of America and active in her local writer's group and is also writing a series of books. She blogs, too. And does needlework.

Julee in high school.

The thing is, none of us ever talked about writing back in the day. Peggy and I swapped Barbie doll clothes, rode bicycles,  roller skated, played four-square, and sold handmade potholders in our suburban St. Louis neighborhood. Julee and I shared a love of reading, commiserated about boys, saw David Cassidy at the DuQuoin State Fair and Kiss/Rush at Roberts Stadium in Evansille, and ate French fries with lots of ketchup at the local cafe after school. She came to my wedding. But I guess it makes sense that the things that brought us together as kids made us who we are today. And today we are all writers.

There are people say they want to write a book and never will. There are people who start to write a book and never finish. But Peggy and Julee and I? We finish what we start. And we are all on the road to publication. 

* * * 

I added 1,222 words to my novel revision today, for a total of 1,974 words. That puts me way behind where I should be based on my original #ROW80 goal; regardless, I am upping the ante and committing to 10,000 words per week from here forward. I know that seems counterintuitive, but it is the right thing for me to do!


Gabrielle said...

Good luck with your goal! 10,000 words a week is impressive.

Julee J. Adams said...

ACK! ACK! Could my glasses have been any bigger? Okay, that does it. I just went in to look at my photo albums and I found the picture from that David Cassidy concert. It WILL be posted! LOL--thanks, Pam. I'm grateful for our friendship.

BTW, I never ate ketchup on my fries at Hadley's. I do remember that was where we had the discussion that we'd have that "interesting life."

Pam inspired me to blog: Thanks, hon. Keep it going.

Buddy Gott said...

Best of luck with your goal of 10,000 a week! :-)

Pam Asberry said...

Thanks, Gabrielle! It's almost like NaNoWriMo - been there, done that. Also, I am revising, not writing from scratch. I know I can! :-)

Pam Asberry said...

Julee, your glasses were totally stylish at the time; I had a pair very similar! I am so glad you posted that picture to Facebook; I wish I had taken more pictures back in the day, but film and developing were so expensive. I don't have a single picture of just you and me together; do you? I guess I am remembering ME eating lots of ketchup on my fries at Hadley's; I have always been a big fan of ketchup. But I don't remember our conversation about having an "interesting life." I think we need to plan a phone conversation very soon!

S.M. Carrière said...

You can totally do it!

Pam Asberry said...

Thank you, Buddy and S.M.! :-)

Melissa Marsh said...

Y'know, I don't think any of my high school classmates are writing a novel...that I know of, of course. I was never very close to them and tended to hang out with lower classmen instead!

But how cool that you have reconnected. Don't you love Facebook? :-)

Pam Asberry said...

Melissa, I am certain that it is no coincidence that I have reconnected with Peggy - a friend from elementary school - and Julee - a friend from middle school through high school - at this time in my life. I am certain that we are supposed to support and encourage each other on our writing journeys. And, yes, I love love love Facebook! :-)