Friday, September 2, 2011

Fill-In-The-Blank Friday

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Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do for the inspiration for today's post. The italicized words are the prompts. The rest is mine.

* * * * *

1. One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is writing. Of course, I am hoping that it won't always be superfluous. Maybe someday I will be able to make a living at it, working from my house on a sunny beach somewhere - preferably near a cruise port.

2. Two people arguing in front of me makes me feel awkward. Seriously. I have never been interested in other people's dirty laundry. Nor do I like being asked to take sides. It occurs to me I might be able to capture this feeling in a scene of my novel.

3. I can't without books. History, how-to, fiction - it's all good. And I fantasize about what my name will look like on the spine of a glistening hardcover at the library.

4. Nonni biscotti - the cioccolati flavor - is my favorite snack. With a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine alongside, it is the perfect reward for a daily writing goal met.

5. Lately I've been missing writing. A lot.

6. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Duh. Like if you submit a manuscript to a contest and the judge rips it to shreds, you've just gotta sort out the constructive criticism from the nasty stuff, maybe take some time off, then get back to work.

7. Fall is a welcome respite from the heat of summer. I love watching the leaves change colors, the crispy crunch of them under my feet, going to the orchards in Ellijay and bringing home new varieties of apples and using them to make apple crisp and apple pie and applesauce. I also love National Novel Writing Month and already have a GREAT idea for this year's project.

* * * * *

The instructions were to fill in the blanks and I ended up writing an epistle. And a theme seems to have emerged.

I'm really not going to be able to hold out until October, am I?


S.M. Carrière said...

You could try... but good luck to that! I always get itchy when I take a break. I barely last a fortnight!

Pam Asberry said...

I am surprised at how much I miss writing, S.M., frustrating as it is and all, but there it is. You are an inspiration!

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Here's a thought. Start your NaNo project, but have another project idea ready. If you have a basic 'road map' for your NaNo project, that should make it a bit easier to plow through. And if that doesn't provide enough word count, we all know how exciting it is to start a new project. So, you could keep up your momentum with it. Voila!

Pam Asberry said...

Sounds like a great plan, Carol. Time to brainstorm some ideas!