Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Try Something New For 30 Days

You've visited my blog Between Birthdays, right? I started it on my 52nd birthday, committing to try something new every day for an entire year, and I am 58 days strong so far.

It has been fun to experiment with new recipes, new restaurants, new venues, new books and television shows. But several of the new things I have tried have turned into longer term commitments.

Like practicing French. And playing the mandolin. These activities have become part of my daily routine.

Which is why I find this TED talk so intriguing.

What have you always wanted to try that you might be willing to commit to for 30 days? How can I help you meet your goal?


R.R. said...

Pam! That was great for a short video! I even liked his idea of 30 days without something - I think he mentioned sugar.

However, I'm thinking of 30 straight days of Zumba Dance Classes. Do you think my Raymonda Tutu will be Ok for Zumba dancing or would regular spandex gym wear be more appropriate?

On second thought, maybe I should start by walking at the park, and I can just wear jeans and save on dry cleaning! I'll keep thinking - my mind is always ticking - Thanks!!!

Julee J. Adams said...

Raymonda Tutu. Funny.

Hey, Pam, 45 days into my rather radical diet (no sugar, no bread, no dairy, etc.), I'm down 20 lbs. The funny thing is, I'm eating a lot and I'm not really hungry. Don't get me wrong, during my Thanksgiving "cheat week" I'm going to have that hot fudge brownie sundae, dressing, pumpkin bread, perfect apple, etc., but just not as much as what I was eating earlier in the year.

Really proud of your try something new every day blog and life. Sounds like you're having some great experiences and learning new skills. Ain't we somethin'?

Pam Asberry said...

I vote for the walk in the park, RR. But if you opt for the Ramonda Tutu, we want to see a picture! Wait a minute, this isn't that kind of blog... LOL!...

Pam Asberry said...

20 pounds - wow, Julee, that's GREAT! Congrats, and keep up the good work!