Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving, Day 6: My Past

Today I am reflecting upon people and events from the past and how they made me who I am today.

My maternal grandmother who gave me my first piano encouraged me to perform in church and sewed pretty dresses for me. My paternal grandmother who taught me how to piece quilts and took me on my first train ride and made every day a holiday. My younger brothers, Jim and Greg, who fought and scrapped with me and kept me humble when I was a kids but became some of my best friends after we reached adulthood. I lost them all much too soon.

There were cherished teachers who encouraged my love of music in general and piano in particular; I remember all their names and how each influenced me in his or her unique way. There were other teachers, too, who taught me how to read and write and do math and appreciate science and history. There were friends who supported me through the angst of high school, the ups and downs of college, the challenges of married life and the heartbreak of divorce. And there were lovers who shared their energy, their essence with me - deeply passionate relationships that, like my marriage, ended in failure and disappointment.

Lessons learned. Better luck next time.

Each person who has crossed my path is a thread of color in the tapestry of my life. There can be no regret because, without any one of them, the entire outcome would be different. And so I give thanks for all of you, past and present, living and dead. And look forward to the jewel tones and metallic fibers that are waiting for me right around the corner.


S.M. Carrière said...

And we in turn give thanks to you simply for being you.

Pam Asberry said...

You just made my day, S.M.! :-)