Thursday, June 6, 2013

Going on hiatus

It's happened again. My life has turned cacophonous. I miss the sweet melodies and gentle rhythms of daily routine and self-care.

I have had several custom jewelry orders and looking forward to selling my wares at a local craft show on Saturday. I am trying to polish three manuscripts for a contest deadline Monday. I am preparing my second round of piano students for their recital on the 15th. It's all good stuff but it's all too much.

I will give myself credit where credit is due; I am getting a lot of things right. I am doing good work. I am walking every day. I am enjoying my new piano. But too busy to spend time with friends, too preoccupied to eat well, and too wired to sleep at the end of the day, I feel myself beginning to unravel.

I will see all my commitments through but I need to eliminate what noise I can. So as much as I love social media, it's time to unplug: from Facebook and Twitter, from blogging and texting, from Words with Friends and Ruzzle. I will check email once a day then disconnect my laptop from the internet. Terrified at the prospect, I believe this is absolutely essential to my health and well-being at this time.

I'll be back on Monday, June 17th. Wish me luck.


Denise Stewart said...

I'll miss you, but you're right to cut back. Where our attention goes our energy flows. We have to save our energy for the best stuff.

Patricia said...

I understand the fear but I applaud you.

S.M. Carrière said...

I think that's a great idea.

Steven Heath said...

Seems all of us are getting to that point, lol. See you when you return!

Dan said...

OK... the 17th has come and gone. Did you make it? Are we still alive and kicking?

Sorry... just not your normal self I see. :-)

Maybe you should remove something from that full plate of yours?